Protective Face Masks

ReadyMax makes a variety of face coverings to protect the wearer, or others near them, from a variety of airborne particles. Our masks include specific types for medical and surgical protection, respirators to protect the wearer from a variety of airborne particles and others for general respiratory protection in public places. Whatever face protection you need, ReadyMax has you covered.

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Legal Documentation

We can provide FDA documentation, lab test results, licenses, etc upon request. To make a request for legal documentation, click the button below.

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Sanitary Gloves

Our gloves provide high-level protection from germs and medical contaminants as well as commercial and household waste and debris. Comfortable fitting and highly ergonomic, our gloves are comfortable and functional while keeping you safe.

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Infrared Thermometers

Our infrared thermometers detect the body temperature of a person accurately and without contact.Ideal for reading temperatures of patients suffering from contagious diseases. Our thermometers read temperatures quickly and are very effective in identifying potentially contagious people prior to entering into a group or crowded area.

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Hand Sanitizer

It is not always convenient to use soap and water to wash your hands. Our alcohol-based hand sanitizers provide a convenient alternative to soap. The alcohol base kills a large number of germs and allows the liquids to evaporate quickly so there is no need to rinse or dry your hands after use.

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