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Native American-Owned ReadyMax Institutional Health & Safety LLC provides Medical PPE To Hospitals and Public Agencies

Native American-Owned Supplier of Medical PPE Expands Product Line With Full FDA Compliance and Industry-Leading Prices DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, July 23, 2020 / — ReadyMax Institutional Health & Safety LLC (“ReadyMax Institutional”) has expanded its medical PPE product line and offers industry- leading prices and service. ReadyMax Institutional provides buyers with an option to purchase […]

ReadyMax Receives FDA Medical Device Initial Importer Registration For PPE Products

ReadyMax, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of medical, hearing and vision PPE products, receives FDA registration to import medical devices. SPARKS, NEVADA, USA, July 22, 2020 / — ReadyMax, Inc. has received an FDA Medical Device Initial Importer registration for various personal protective equipment (“PPE”) products, including medical and surgical facemasks, face shields, surgical gowns, […]

Foreign Object Debris Introduction

Foreign object debris (F.O.D.) is any object, material or substance in a place that it is not supposed to be creating a condition that can cause damage to individuals or equipment.  Foreign Object Damage (also FOD) is the damage caused by Foreign Object Debris.  While the term ‘FOD’ is most closely associated with the Aerospace […]

Common Hearing Protection Mistakes

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a progressive, debilitating and preventable condition.  While every effort to protect yourself can be made, here are some common hearing protection mistakes. Ignoring the problem How many times have we seen children covering their ears around loud sounds, while adults blissfully absorb the full impact?  Might that be a […]

PE Foam Earplugs: An Environmental Disaster

Millions of American workers use and discard polyurethane foam earplugs every day believing that they are doing what is in the best interest of their health. While the use of this product is highly beneficial for a person’s hearing health, the discarded PU foam plugs ultimately become a serious health hazard for future generations of […]

Warning Signs of a Noisy Work Environment

When thinking about noisy work environments, it is common to automatically think of occupations like road work, construction sites, or factories. Although, in reality these noisy work environments can be anywhere. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in the matter of just one year, 22 million employees have been exposed to high and […]

The Anatomy of Hearing Loss

We all know that protecting our ears around extreme noise helps prevent hearing loss. What most of us never talk about is why loud noise physically damages our hearing? One out of every ten Americans has hearing loss that makes it difficult to understand normal speech. Exposure to high levels of noise is the number […]

Popular Mechanics Names SoundShield “Innovation of the Month”

We’re pretty excited about this!! Popular Mechanics selected our SoundShield glasses as “Innovation of the Month” in their September 2016 edition. Popular Mechanics Magazine, which is considered by many to be the “Go To” source for innovative tools and new product reviews, recently named the ReadyMax SoundShield® safety glasses with retractable hearing protection as the […]