ReadyMax began nearly two decades ago making products primarily for the active outdoor sports world. Our focus on innovation and creativity led us to migrate our unique and patented products into the Personal Protective Equipment space. We now hold numerous international utility patents that provide a simply smarter way of accomplishing a task or keeping someone safe working in a commercial or industrial environment, in a medical facility or in their home.

Hearing & Vision Protection

Worker safety is one of the most important issues facing employers and workers today. Hearing loss and eye injuries are among the most frequent injuries in the workplace…they are also completely preventable. All that’s needed is proper safety protection. For most workers, hearing protection and other personal protection items are provided by employers. However, many workers claim their hearing protection is not convenient when needed and they ignore the risks and work unprotected in high-noise environments resulting in hearing loss.

ReadyMax solves this problem!

Medical Protection

At ReadyMax, we are passionate about creating products that make life easier and safer in the home, workplace, medical facilities and outdoors. Innovation is second nature to us and we look for simple, clever ways to make products safer and more convenient. ReadyMax…Always ready when you need it.

Consumer Tested and Consumer Accepted.

We conducted extensive consumer research to assess the consumer interest in ReadyMax products. The study has concluded that ReadyMax safety products have ranked in the top 5% of consumer purchase intent compared to similar products, indicating that 19 out of 20 workers prefer ReadyMax safety products compared to conventional products in the same category. These strong results are being proven every day as workers learn about our products and put them to work.

ReadyMax, consumer tested as the preferred choice for safety.